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Please read these Terms and Conditions of Service carefully as they contain important and binding information on the rights and duties of Users. By accessing or using the Website, mobile devices, tablets or other applications for fixed or mobile devices, you agree to respect and be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service (“T&C”).


7Sundays srl is a company incorporated under Italian law composed of Italians only, with its registered office in Milan (“7Sundays”), which has designed and manages the website (“Website”), including through device applications furnishings.
The Website and the applications of 7Sundays allow the owners (“Owners” or “Hosts”) of the accommodations made available through the Website (“Real Estate” or “Accommodations”) to publish advertisements and images relating to their Real Estate so that Website users (hereinafter the “Users” or “Guests” or “Guest”) can view them, select them and, if necessary, book them for short-term holidays and stays (“Reservations”); in addition, Users will be able to purchase a series of optional accessory services which can always be viewed through the Website.
These T & Cs apply and are binding on 7Sundays, the Owners, ancillary service providers, and Users.
The Website aims to connect Guests with Owners. The role of 7Sundays is exclusively to create advertising spaces in which the Owners can publish advertisements and images relating to the Properties available to Users; remains completely unrelated to the contractual relationship between the Guests and the Owners (“Guest / Owner Contract”), not responding in any way to actions or omissions of the same. Furthermore, it does not assume the role of real estate broker, nor organizer or seller of travel packages pursuant to Directive (EU) 2015/2302.
7Sundays reserves the right to modify these T&C at any time, after publication of the updated version on the Website. By continuing to use our Website, you expressly accept the T&C in force at that time. For clarity, the applicable terms of the Guest Contract / Owner relating to the Reservations will be those in effect at the time of each Booking.
We do not own, manage or dispose of any rights with respect to the Accommodations that the Owners list on our Website (“Announcements”) and we are not responsible for, nor do we issue a guarantee or declaration in relation to any inaccuracy of the Announcements or the lack of suitability or security of the premises for the proposed use. The Owner is the only person responsible for the Announcement and for the accuracy of what is indicated, taking care that the Announcements are always updated and correct. Before booking, guests are advised to carry out the necessary investigations to ensure that the proposed accommodation meets their needs. However, we will take note of the comments received from Guests, reserving us the right to modify the Announcements or eliminate them if there are inaccuracies or serious differences with respect to the declarations made by the Owner.
We do not carry out accurate checks on the Accommodation (due diligence), checks on money laundering or the identity of the Guests, it being understood that we may carry out checks on a sample or on an appropriate report. The Owner is responsible for exercising due diligence and attention before accepting each Booking.
The Owner is responsible for deciding on the acceptance or rejection of Reservations. 7Sundays provides an introduction service and does not offer any guarantee regarding the suitability of the Guest.
7Sundays will do its best to keep the access and use of the Website always active, but does not guarantee that the service is free of interruptions, errors or omissions. However, we will use reasonable competence and care to avoid such interruptions, lack of availability, errors or omissions through adequate performance, safety and quality controls.

How to become a 7Sundays Member

To become a Member of 7Sundays and thus be able to advertise or book accommodations through our Website as an Owner or Guest, you must create an account with us.
You will be asked to provide us with some registration information: this information must be true and accurate. We will send you a confirmation email when your account has been opened.
Only persons over the age of 18 can create an account and become a 7Sundays Member. Also, please do not create more than one account on our Website.
When you choose a username and / or password during the account registration process, you will have to keep them confidential and not disclose them to anyone.
Your personal information will be collected and managed in accordance with